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My cool family

You know, I don't talk about my family enough--the family outside Dan and Anna anyway.  I should, because I have a very cool family.

My littlest sister works for some big time political joint in Iowa City which leads her to a lot of political rallies lately, advocating her policies, hobnobbing with the big guys, and getting paid to do it.  My other little sister works in Montana for the Big Sky Bread company, but she does not make bread--it's a corporate thing.  She also was political in Montana before, and was political in Vienna for a few years.  My mom does big important stuff for the teachers and administrators of the area from William Penn University in southern Iowa, and my dad runs a cafe in eastern Iowa.

My brother, in addition to being a cool internet guy for a university, runs this blog, which I read every time it reloads on Google Reader.  He is also big into local access television.  Which you can tell by reading his blog.

Do you ever sit back and look around at your family and think, "Damn, I come from fucking cool stock?"  I do that daily.