amazoniowan (heidicullinan) wrote,

The Twelve Days of Randy

Alrighty. I know what the Christmas newsletter present will be. We're going to try a serial.

Starting on Christmas Day, subscribers to my newsletter will get a portion of the short story (novella?) "The Twelve Days of Randy"* delivered to their inbox until it's done. In theory it would be fun for there to be twelve days, wouldn't there. But since I"m writing the damn thing as I post it, I can't tell. This also means it's not going to be wildly well-edited, either. For free, you get what you get.

The gig, though, is that you have to sign up for the newsletter. Eventually I'll post the whole thing somewhere as a whole. But for now, it's available to newsletter subscribers ONLY.

How do you get on the newsletter subscription? Click this.

Can you get in late? Yes. Will I forward early editions? Not right away, probably. Can you ask someone to forward the old one to you if you find this late? Yes. I suggest asking here. You'll have to join the m/m group at Goodreads to make that link work, but you should do that anyway.

Can you pirate this or sell it? Only if you want your soul to roast eternally in hell.

More coffee, and then back to writing.

*That's Joaquin Phoenix in the photo. He plays Randy in my head.
Tags: 12 days of randy, christmas

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