The Amazon Iowan

A work in progress.

25 August 1973
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I'm very tall, I can be quite fierce, and I live in Iowa: that's where the handle comes from. I'm also a mid-thirties female who is married with one child, and I write. A lot.

This journal has traditionally been where I have dumped the contents of my head that didn't go into fiction. It's also where I've talked myself through the fiction. The general head contents have migrated partly to Twitter and to Facebook, so if you're really into that sort of thing you might want to follow me there.

If you want the big, cinematic bio, you'll want to go to my main webpage and read all about me there. You can also find fiction samples, cover art, news of upcoming dates, ISBN numbers, etc. there as well. If you want to buy stuff I've written (and please, do!) you can go here to my publisher, Dreamspinner Press, or search for "Heidi Cullinan" in your favorite online bookshop. You can also ask at the desk of your favorite local establishment. However you would like to give me money is fine by me.

As for friending here on LJ: friend away! If you feel you still want to ask first, go ahead, but it's always okay with me.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at heidi.cullinan@mac.com.